Sunset is Right Around the Corner

The New Year…

...and we're settled into the new studio space. The printer looms along one wall, mocking the picture hangars on the other wall, challenging us to feed pixels into its hungry maw.

It's not ready for action yet; we're still at the stage in our relationship where it makes demands and we scramble to serve it.

Print head, blue ink, green ink, maintenance cartridge... Each fresh demand we relay to the gods of the Internet. Each offering arrives in a brown or white van after some consideration. We feed the printer and wait for its next appetite.

This week, we await the arrival of Magenta...

When the beast awakens, though, she'll be hungry for every image we have. And we'll be so enamored, we won't be out searching for more. When a photo buddy mentioned chasing some light, we were ready for it!

In Love with the Red Road

We had planned on going up the mountain to catch the sunset from Saddle Road but when the time came to get in the car, we ended up turning down the Red Road instead. There is no better drive on the island. And in Hawaii, it can be more fun to follow your heart instead of your plans...

So we bumped along our favorite dirt road, hoping for a glimpse of a wild pig or a wild avocado, heading toward the sunset. The shape of our stretch of coastline brings us glorious sunrises at my house, and a mere half dozen miles down the Red Road, the Kumukahi Lighthouse bumps out into the ocean enough to provide glorious sunsets over a cinder cone just inland.

The Green Lake cinder cone is a remnant of the 1960 Kapoho eruption. With jungle quickly reclaiming the lava fields of that eruption, it's easy to forget that a seething wall of lava swept over the landscape about 50 years ago.

Kapoho Tide Pools

Emerging from the dirt part of the Red Road, we turned toward the ocean and arrived at Kumukahi Lighthouse with plenty of time to explore some tide pools. The shore at the lighthouse is teeming with life, and full of interesting angles for moving-water shots. We had fun playing with time and light, the movement and stillness of water. It's easy to lose yourself in that lively world shared by ocean and land.

Looking at the coastline from an overhead view, it's easy to envision fingers of lava marching to the sea. Giant intrusions with little bays in between, on a shallow delta of lava -- these quickly filled with coral and all sorts of other critters.

Lost in the moment

Watching life in the tidepools, the light changed all around us. While we were looking down, the sky was shouting for our attention, and we still couldn't look away

It was only when the colors of the sunset began to intrude on my vision that I could focus upward. And even then, I couldn't move entirely away from including the underfoot fascination.

Giving in to the Sunset

Finally the colors were too loud above, the life below too dimly seen in the shifting water. And darkness falls quickly in the tropics. Looking up, I came back to the present.

The winds and the volcano conspired to give us dramatic colors in the sky. What a sunset!

Not Long

While the whole trip felt like one long and aimless meander, we had actually planned it out using The Photographer's Ephemeris and with the eventual goal of catching some stars over the ocean. We chatted and drank tea as the light faded, knowing that with only a sliver of a moon, it wouldn't be long before the stars would appear.

Simplicity Revealed

In the way of philosophizers the world over, we spun metaphors as we drove the Red Road home. Driving up to the end of the road, the landscape appears a barren jumble of rocks. Leave your car and walk to the water, though, and a world emerges in the tide pools.

Wandering, head down, chasing the movement and play of the waves, we couldn't see the sunset until its effects intruded on our vision.

Then the brilliance of the moment caught us up in its own glory, but the real purpose was revealed in the simplicity of the deep blue beyond.

Best of the New Year

to you and yours!

Happy 2017

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