Rainy Days Bring…

It was a long week of rain, and I had run out of images to process. Watching Facebook videos of the flooding in Hilo Town and the water pounding over Hilo's waterfalls, I could hardly wait to get out. I've done this before, though, and know the truth in the saying Beauty waits for Patience. So I waited for the water and the skies to clear a bit.

And called up a photo buddy for a day of waterfalls and fun.

Cameras, batteries, snacks, coffee, and we were off. Good to start out early when you're headed up Hamakua coast. We've had a bumper crop of bananas this year, so both we and our photo buddy brought those along, but we had the secret weapon: dried mango from the Red Road in the summertime.

Rainbow Falls is a required stop after a big rain, so we started there. It's a drive-up waterfall, as we say in Hawaii. Easy access, beautiful overlook, and popular. But we got lucky and had the place to ourselves, so we took our time.

Our friend knew of a good view up Wailuku River by the hydropower plant, so that was our next stop. He told a story of ancient legend as he pointed out the rock formation Mo'o Kuna below the bridge.

On to our favorite: 4 Mile Scenic Drive on the Hamakua Coast! It's a winding old remnant of the original coastal highway. Wandering over little streams and along deep gulleys, it's a treasure trove after the rain. And today, it was in glistening green form. Ginger blooming along the roadside sweetened the air. I felt as if I was drawing in life itself with every breath.

Every place you can stop, you should stop along that road.

Bridges fording each little stream are themselves works of art, cloaked in moss and strewn with flowers...

...With water rushing and tumbling below, pocket waterfalls tucked off to the side...

...and you never know when you might need to wade in a little bit to catch a shot, so sandals are a good plan

After a morning of waterfalls, our cameras were full and our tummies empty. We adjourned to Lucy's for a late lunch.

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