Prints Available

I love to share my photography online. Every once in a while, one of my photos has a special quality that makes me take the extra hours needed make it print quality.

Contact me directly to order any of the photos below. I get my canvas prints made and stretched right here on the island. When that's done, I inspect them and sign them. Then I deliver to you, if you live nearby.

Or, if you are farther away, I still print locally, inspect, and sign the canvas. Then I mail the canvas to a frame shop near you. They stretch and mount your print, and you pick it up right in their shop. This ensures a quality print and keeps it safe on its journey. It also reduces shipping cost.

My prints are $60 per square foot for 24 by 36 inch and larger canvases, in canvas wrap style.

That means a two foot by three foot canvas wrap print is $360 delivered. Delivered to your house if you are nearby. Or for you to pick up at your local frame shop, if you are not.

Smaller prints, metal prints and matted prints are available also.Let me know what you'd like, and I'll be glad to calculate the cost for you. or facebook

Heaven and Earth

It's all here: new and old. Near and far. Now and past.

For this shot, I hiked out to the ocean entry, where lava comes down from Pu'u O'o to meet the deep blue sea, on the newest cliffs of the Big Island.

Ocean Entry Inferno

The lava was tumbling and streaming wildly into the ocean when I hiked out to see it. So wild, it was like hundreds of explosions...

Billowing steam clouds rise quickly from the fiery depths as the lava hits the water. Giant chunks of rock break off from the flow and float briefly in the boiling water, expanding, crackling, and sending up more steam. The whole scene is alive with noise and action, with explosions and ferocity.

Andromeda and a Starry Night

For this shot, I visited Kumukahi Lighthouse, just down the road, on a perfect Milky Way night.

The next day, coffee in hand, I spent the morning contemplating our relationship with the stars and working on this shot.

That's Andromeda, right above the palm tree. For some reason, realizing that just brings our place in the universe into perfect focus for me.

Windward Sunrise

We live on the sunrise side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

This is how we start our days here. The sun easing up out of the water and chasing a million stars away. Just me and my camera down by the ocean to greet it. Aloha sun

It's going to be a good day.

Inner Earth

Lava and the Ocean: so powerful and dynamic, both of them. And changing every minute.

Watching the roar and the steam, I could imagine I had hiked out to the end of the Earth. A fiery window opened in the ocean for me to see into the fury below.

Electric Touch

Thunderstorms on our island are rare treats. This was quite a doozy.

While it was dry down below, the lightning leapt from cloud to cloud above. In this flash, I almost see one bolt yearning for the other's touch. A graceful and inspiring dance, thankfully confined to the heavens above.

A breathtaking opportunity.

Across the Sky

Wow, that was a powerful bolt.

So glad I had my camera while this happened above the cliffs.

We don't get very many thunderstorms here in Hawaii, but this one was epic.

Peaceful Place

On the footpath to Akaka falls, this magical little pool is the perfect counterpoint to the majestic Akaka.

Akaka Falls

A gorgeous day, a mighty waterfall, and a good friend with an airplane. Serendipity.

This was a rare opportunity and a day I will not ever forget. Amazing

Stormy South Point

Hurricane Ana brushed past Hawaii just as I took this shot at the southernmost point in the United States, an incredibly special place called South Point.

Chain of Craters and the Full Moon

Chain of Craters road is a desolate landscape at night. A full moon lit the stark expanse as I looked south over the Pacific ocean.