Saddle Road Sunset

The Old Saddle Road is a nearly mystical journey when the clouds hang low on the mountains.

Years ago, the entire length of the road was twisty, treacherous, and even a little spooky. With bumpy one-lane stretches and crumbling narrow 2-lane stretches, even signs warning of exploding mortars by the military camp.

Most of that experience is gone. A new modern highway replaced the old. But there is a little bit left to enjoy.

When travelling in Hawai'i, give yourself time for pleasant surprises like wild mouflon sheep, goats, turkey, and pigs along the way. When we turn onto the Old Saddle Road from the new, you'll also step back a few decades.

If we're lucky, we'll find some of the local owls, pueo, hunting from the weathered fenceposts that border rolling fields. We'll certainly hear the crazy laughing call of the Erckel's Francolin birds who mock us from the tall grass as we get the perfect sunset shot.

Once the sun has faded from the sky, we can linger to capture the Milky Way in the rarefied air up there. Light pollution on Hawai'i Island is carefully controlled because of our observatories, giving us some absolutely amazing astral photography opportunities.