Red Road Photo Day

Hawai'i Island's fabled Red Road starts just a few blocks from our house. Remnants of the King's Highway of olden days, when staying on the road allowed you safe passage between the boundaries of warring chiefdoms...

This treasure winds along the coast and through the jungle, past dramatic lava flows and heavily-fruiting gnarled old mango trees.

We can start with a sunrise or some wave shots at the entrance to the Red Road, then explore the verdant jungle beyond.

The soaring ironwood trees create a wispy canopy above that filters the light in inspiring ways at the entrance.

Moving into the denser jungle, we discover a volcanic sand dune, made up of black and green sands created when lava hit the ocean and shattered into billions of pieces.

The road cruises past local favorites like Mermaid Lagoon and the Kapoho lava flow, lazing by the surfing spot where fishing boats put in. In the summers, it can be treacherous driving for a bit when the ripe mangoes fall from venerable giants of trees. We might see wild baby pigs.

Pass Ahalanui Warm Springs, then Pohoiki , MacKenzie Park, Malama Flats, Kehena Beach, and end up at Kaimu, where the lava flow crossed the road decades ago.