Kilauea Crater

We live on an active volcano. Night time trips up to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park are a real treat when the lava is dancing. Add in the Milky Way and you've got pure magic.

Milky Way, Light Painting, Star Tracking…

...all techniques to take home and make your own. Clear nights and low light pollution make for fun, relaxed captures up at the park. We'll plan our shots using PlanIt! for Photographers or Photographer's Ephemeris and Harry's special Lava Graph Page. If we're just making an evening of it, we'll go up there with a thermos of hot chocolate and some home-baked cookies and enjoy the refreshing mountain air

The drive up to the park is a good chance for a stop at Akatsuka Orchid Gardens. For a full day, we'll be sure to start early enough to enjoy that. Then, the quiet wooded splendor of the park. The interplay of giant ferns with twisted ohia trees, lush meadows, abrupt lava flows... Then we'll find the perfect spot to watch the lava's glow slowly take over the reds and golds of the sun's departure.

Between the sunset and full dark, we have just enough time for a light dinner at Volcano House Restaurant or in their casual lounge overlooking the crater. With a variety of images in our cameras, we'll have plenty of material to process for days.