Cliffside Sunrise

The Sunrise Side of the Big Island

Tiptoe outside at dawn with your camera and we'll meet you with coffee to capture the sunrise. Our rugged coastline is an endless stretch of unique vantages.

We can start as the first light is just coloring the clouds, if you like. Coffee in hand, I often enjoy that quiet hour as our island welcomes the day.

Winter brings whales and big waves to our coastline. Perch on Disconcerting Rock to feel the force of North Swells pummeling the coast. When the ocean roars against the solid volcanic flows, it shakes the earth and adds to the excitement of the shot. Or, if you don't want to test your image stabilization, we can walk just a little farther down the coast to a peaceful overlook in the quiet ironwood...

Where to Stay

You'll want to get a vacation rental within walking distance to take full advantage of these early mornings. In the mood for a jungle hideaway with a remote feel? Or Honu Cove on Welea Street is right on the water. ...Or a smaller and simpler option two blocks from the noise of the crashing surf is the Studio on Popaa Street. These three are all lovely rentals nearby that friends of ours have happily stayed in. We've made a more complete list of nearby rentals on our Where to Stay page. And I've probably missed a few. That street right on the shore has a lot.