Beach Camping

Meet at the Beach

Kiholo Beach and Kona Sunsets

Meet on the beach for a night or a weekend of camping and photos. Black sands, coral sands, and marbled-sand stretches give a variety of settings and subjects. From the macro beauty of puka shells and other tiny treasures to the wild blue ocean, sleeping turtles in between, and a pre-dawn wild goat parade, your camera will smile.

Lightly shaded in a rambling kiawe wood forest, the campsites look out over lava rock features to view a protected brilliant-blue bay. In the first rays of dawn, the water is usually calm, tempting a snorkel tour of the coral below. Looking south from camp, a luxurious arc of black sand beach is a favorite play spot. Wander north from camp to find tiny pockets of sand, little beaches, interesting mini-landscapes, charming beach huts, and a keyhole bay at the very end. There, on a lucky day, you'll see dozens of sea turtles sleepily sunning themselves along the shallow shores. Spinner dolphins and whales often dance across the bay's opening.

This is the place to make you yawn and stretch and daydream of beach bum lifestyles.

Camping access is extremely limited at this quiet beach. Because of this, we'll need to plan 6 weeks in advance and hope for a spot; there are only eight sites. The gates are locked each night to preserve privacy.

Bring Your Camping Gear

...and be ready to be charmed by a truly relaxed Hawai'i coastline.

It's all about casual acceptance of nature's beauty around us. And taking the time to take it all in. There just isn't any reason to rush. So, fill up your camera, then take a deep breath and fill up your entire being with the essence of the island.

Consider combining some camping with another adventure on the way back: Saddle Road Sunset or Kilauea Crater or just finish out your weekend enjoying the company of your own party, and meet us back on the windward side later.