Old Saddle Road

A photo buddy texted last week want to go up Old Saddle and look for pueo ? The remnant of the road that was once our only way across the middle of the island, Old Saddle is full of scenic charm.

...And fence posts. Owls love them. They're great places to perch and watch for critters below. Even without a gorgeous bird of prey on top, I love fence posts too. The pragmatic ruggedness, the unconscious beauty of weathered strength: those mighty uprights have stories to tell.

A brilliant afternoon greeted us at the top of the hill. We met up with a couple other photographers, swapped stories and lenses, and meandered our way down the road in search of beauty. It was everywhere.

We lingered until dark up there, enjoying sandwiches and good company.

It's Milky Way season now and we were already up on the mountain, so we couldn't resist staying a little longer. The Old Saddle Road intersects with the new modern highway not far from a great spot for capturing all that astral glory. The perfection of the spot is a combination of clear air, low light, and a cinder cone foreground.

Plus it's an easy spot to get to, a bonus at the end of an adventure. We pulled off the highway and waited for a quiet moment in the traffic. I stood there next to my tripod looking at, and through, our galaxy to take in the vastness beyond. It's a magic feeling to be a part of something so large and glittering. If the night is still enough, Earth becomes my spaceship, and for a fanciful moment, I almost feel it moving with all the rest.

...and then there's laughter and shivering and hot chocolate as we huddle around the heater in the car -- because it's a bone-chilling 58 degrees up there, and we live in Hawai'i 😉

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