Lava Ocean Entry

We live on an active volcano. Most of the time it's a lot of fun, and very entertaining. There is nothing like being right next to an actual river of Red Hot Lava!

When a photo buddy called me up to propose we hike out to the lava ocean entry, I was excited for the adventure. I threw a couple bottles of frozen water and a sandwich in a backpack, checked my flashlight, and put on my walking shoes.

The lava flow isn't far from our house as the crow flies, but the weather over there is entirely different. It's a long, hot, dry walk. Just over four miles each way, continually awed by the barren landscape of the lava flow around us...

And when we got to the ocean entry, every ounce of my heavier tripod was worth it! With the Milky Way rising brilliant above the fiery depths below, I knew I had a fun capture to edit!

Visiting the lava: awe, fascination, joy, weary regard for dangers past and future...
...and it wouldn't be complete without a trembling moment of realization that we're standing over a thin skin of barely-cooled raw power.

To convey the feeling on our island, there's no better piece of art than the work of Tropical Visions, VolcanoScapes: Dancing with the Goddess. Here is a trailer for the movie.

Videographer Mick Kalber is treasured locally, a benevolent observer who keeps us all informed of the beauty and the danger of the fiery force we live above. Every week, he tours the active flows by helicopter, then composes a short video and posts it on Facebook. Believe me, when the lava is headed toward your home, this is more public service than art!

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