What’s the Buzz?

David Huddleston

"Having the opportunity to go out shooting with Harry Durgin is an absolute treat.

Being someone who was just getting started working with a camera, I had lots to learn, but Harry truly made it an enjoyable experience. Learning by doing was the best part, capturing an image, and then working from there on what you wanted in the picture was very helpful. But for me personally, what I took most from my time with him, was to embrace the post processing. It's where you can truly get the image to precisely where you want it.

Last but not least, is the man himself. Getting to go out shooting for hours on end is an absolute blast because of his passion for the art. I for one can't wait for my next opportunity to go take pictures again with Harry!"

Kevin Wixom

"As an amateur photographer who is constantly learning new techniques and looking for more insight into the art and science of photography, I’ve appreciated Harry’s approach for a long time. Taking pictures is one thing; anyone can do that. Capturing stories and bringing out the best in those images during post processing is where Harry shines.

Darktable is a complex and powerful tool, yet confusing and difficult to master. Harry’s technical approach is right on – he understands when to use which module on what part of an image to enhance it. There is no random ‘moving slider controls around to see what happens’; his approach is methodical. I’ve learned a great deal from him during our photo outings and Darktable sessions. Ultimately, Harry is the right combination of artist & scientist. Plus, he’s a great person to spend a day with while on a photo safari."

Hans Petter Birkeland
" I thought I knew my way around Darktable pretty well, but you're doing everything in a completely different way. Really interesting."

Aleksandr Khloponin
"Your lessons on YouTube are the best!"

Randall Chamberlain
"Wow, your videos are really good. I think that the key is not only that Darktable is an awesome tool, but also you definetely know the craft. I love your tricks with blending modes."

"I learned so much in this video and my first two edits of photos look awesome now. Thank you very much for sharing!"

Jack Satoc
"Best DT tutorial I've ever seen. Thanks!"

Jack DeAngelis
"Harry, excellent videos, keep up the good work! I especially appreciate the explanations of the more complicated/sophisticated effects."

Randall Chamberlain
"Yer are wizard Harry"

Kevin Saruwatari5
"Thanks Harry! Sure is interesting to watch you work and listen to your thought process. More than just learning Darktable which is great, I am learning how to look photo's and see what is there."