Where to Stay

Stay Near Us

Vacation rentals galore within just a few blocks of our house. A relaxed, comfortable neighborhood right on the ocean. Send the rest of your party off on an adventure and walk over to spend the day with us. Easily meet us outside your rental for a Cliffside Sunrise Or just stay here because it's utterly gorgeous and you can see turtles or whales from the deck.

…Or a little farther away

A special gem of a place on the Red Road directly across from Kehena Beach is the exotic Bali House. Here, with a stunning view of the ocean, you can enjoy both secluded privacy and Onsight Guest Services such as therapeutic massage and personal yoga instruction.

…And in a world removed

This island retreat on its own private warm-springs lagoon, Shangri'La is near to, but far from, the public areas at Kapoho. This unique property turns your experience of tropical living inside-out, creatively turning the entire grounds into your enchanted living space.