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Hawaii is known for its dramatic variety of micro-climates, for stunning landscapes, and friendly people. Here on the Big Island, we can always find magic and beauty for our cameras to capture. Shooting side by side, you will have my full attention from start to finish: Planning, discussing equipment choices, best angles and tricks in the field, creative approaches, stacking and stitching options...

Then we process. We have side-by-side desks and color-corrected, professional monitors for 2 people. You will be sitting at the computer I use every week for my Weekly Edit screencasts. We'll use Darktable, the GIMP and other open source tools together, on your shots.

This one on one time costs $50/hour for one photographer. Include a second photo buddy for $75/hour (2 people). You pay securely through PayPal, and we reserve dates once we have full payment.

I really look forward to shooting with you. It's always an adventure!

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